What Will Your Customers Remember Most?

  • Heather Greene Powell
  • 19 May 2015

There is a currently popular notion—touted by many marketing companies—that “print is dead.” These companies will often advise you to jump ship and only use electronic media for getting your message across to your clients. Obviously, they aren’t taking into consideration the possibility that people may remember better what they read in print about your remodeling company than what they read electronically. Could that actually be the case?

Consider a recent article by Naomi S. Baron in the Washington Post. It made me sit up and take notice! It was entitled “The case against e-readers: Why reading paper books is better for your mind.” Prof. Baron is a professor of linguistics and Executive Director of the Center for Teaching, Research, and Learning at American University. She conducted extensive research regarding the preferences of university students for reading a hard copy book vs. reading electronically. The study involved hundreds of students in the United States, Germany, Japan and Slovakia. Among the several points Prof. Baron makes are the following:

“Much of what students liked about reading print involved their minds,” she writes. “They said ‘it’s easier to focus,’ ‘my spatial memory works best,’ and ‘feel like the content sticks in my head more easily.’ Some also acknowledged they took more time with printed text and read more carefully—not really a surprise, since digital screens encourage scrolling and hasten us along to grab the next Web site or tweet.” … “Over 92 percent of those I surveyed said they concentrate best when reading a hard copy.”

Additionally, Prof. Baron’s research indicates that people enjoy reading both print and digital—even millennials enjoy reading both! “What fascinates me,” she writes, “is how many people—from teenagers to millennials to those of a certain age—prefer print when reading both for pleasure and for school or work.”

At RT Marketing, we will continue to encourage remodelers to use a mix of electronic and print in their marketing efforts.

Our experience over many years has proven this provides the greatest impact. For example, our monthly eNewsletters and quarterly print newsletters can work in tandem for you, reaching your customers from different locations with a single, powerful, customized message about your brand. Your message will be electronic and mobile-friendly so your customers can enjoy it on their phones while at work, and then it will also be a beautiful hard copy they can concentrate on more intently after dinner. Contact us when you want a marketing company that doesn’t just go with the current popular notions.