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salesperson with effective sales materials helping couple

Effective Sales Materials for Remodelers

Are your sales materials as effective as they should be? When is the last time you updated your materials as a part of continuing to hone your sales process?

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Qualified, man in suit, prequalifying leads

Effective Prequalifying Sales Tactics for Remodelers

Having an effective prequalifying method for your remodeling sales saves you both time and money. It’s particularly important to have a solid prescreening process if you are still going on sales calls as the owner of a remodeling or building company. Your time is valuable…

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Warranty word cloud in oranges and yellows

Selling Your Warranty: A Guide for Remodelers

To provide extra value to your potential clients, you could add to the length of the warranty for longer, or offer to cover a bit more than what the competition does. Doing so, however, means that you must be able to afford to offer that coverage…

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diverse couple with salesperson

Hiring Your First Salesperson?

The first step in hiring the perfect salesperson for your remodeling or building company is to create a well-defined job description. Finding the right person can make all of the difference…

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