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Are You Losing Perfectly Good Sales?

Your building or remodeling company has an excellent pre-screening process. Contact forms from your website are promptly responded to, and the pre-screening for a sales appointment begins. Once the sales appointment has been set, your highly trained salesperson shows up, punctually, with your attractive, user-friendly sales materials in hand. They work up a preliminary plan and estimate for the project. On the next meeting, the salesperson goes through a presentation of your offered services for the project, tailoring it to what the potential client wants and needs. The client has few questions because the presentation addresses so many possible concerns. They want to get started right away: they do not want to wait 24 hours or discuss it with their spouse.

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Remodeling Professionals: Smart Steps to Determine Your Marketing Budget

Establishing a marketing budget—like any other business initiative—is never comfortable. It is a matter of business discipline. If you want to develop your business in a particular direction, investing in marketing will be a part of your larger business strategy.

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National Home Remodeling Month

May is National Home Remodeling Month! Now is the time to remind clients of the checks and balances that make your remodeling business stand out.

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