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Contractor showing knowledge by displaying a home illustration from drawing to complete

5 Benefits of Knowledge-Sharing with Customers

As a building and remodeling contractor, you are an expert in your field. You know everything there is to know about home construction, design, permitting, trends, and more. So why not share that knowledge with your customers? Knowledge sharing with your customers (and especially your future customers) is one of the most effective ways you […]

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Amazed couple

Relationship Marketing – Surprise & Delight

Small Gestures Can Make A Big Difference In any relationship, whether it’s between spouses, siblings, or friends, it’s the little things that make them special. Those small moments when someone does something nice tend to live on in memories longer than the grand gestures. It may sound funny, but it’s also true in the relationship […]

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Leveraging your customer service success

Whether we call them raving fans, brand advocates or influencers, having those ultra-satisfied customers should be an important part of your marketing. We’ve all learned these days to take what companies say about themselves with a grain of salt. That’s why customer advocates are so important for delivering that message for us. Nielsen research shows […]

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Marketing remodeling to everyone

When it comes to marketing, “inclusivity” has become a popular buzzword, but let’s talk some more about what inclusive marketing means to remodelers. Have you taken a good look at your marketing lately? Does it represent your company, our industry, your potential clients? In the simplest terms, inclusivity is about making sure your marketing reflects […]

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Marketing your remodeling awards and certifications

As a top remodeler, you’ve worked hard to improve your company and yourself. You and your team have spent countless hours working to earn certifications and professional designations. You’ve put more time into submitting and winning awards. But the work doesn’t stop there. You can’t count on your potential clients to know the importance of […]

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Why remodelers should market during a downturn

When a recession hits, marketing tends to be one of the first things cut. It seems like an easy way to cut expenses, but that only works in the short term. Research has shown us that, ultimately, companies that cut advertising and other marketing expenditures are hurt in the long term. This has been repeated […]

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