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Remodelers Can Take Advantage of Cabin Fever

If there’s one thing homeowners have learned over the last few months, it’s that they have things they want to improve about their homes. Maybe it’s that kitchen flooring that didn’t bother them until they were staring at it while working at the table all day … or that deck that could be spruced up […]

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Why remodelers should market during a downturn

When a recession hits, marketing tends to be one of the first things cut. It seems like an easy way to cut expenses, but that only works in the short term. Research has shown us that, ultimately, companies that cut advertising and other marketing expenditures are hurt in the long term. This has been repeated […]

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Marketing focus in a post-shutdown world

In most parts of the country, we’re slowly emerging from stay-at-home orders and business shutdowns. But it’s hardly “back to normal” or “business as usual.” The way we interact, shop and travel has changed. So it only makes sense that marketing needs to change, too – both the methods and the message. From a tactic […]

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Content Marketing in the Time of COVID

As the realities of COVID-19 were hitting us in March, the first inclination for many companies was to stop marketing. It’s an understandable reaction – when people are dealing with life and death decisions and economic setbacks, pitching them on a product or service can seem tone-deaf. But in reality it’s about how you market. […]

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Marketing Services Across Generations

For remodelers and builders who choose to ignore the burgeoning remodeling and home purchasing growth among millennials, money is being left on the table. With 92% of millennials planning remodeling projects in the upcoming year, it seems like a no-brainer.

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Social Media for Remodelers and Builders

Social media is a great place to spread the word about your building or remodeling business. From a marketing perspective, social media is necessary, but when allocating your spending, you should take some things into consideration.

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