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The Foundation of Remodeler Marketing

Let me tell you a little about myself before I delve into the topic at hand. If you’re just here for the meat, hop down to the next heading and start reading there—no hard feelings. I get really excited when it comes to talking about marketing. It has been my passion since high school to […]

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Mobile-Friendly versus Responsive Websites

Recently, Google announced it is changing its algorithm to target non-mobile-friendly websites. As a follow-up, we are showing you the different options available, so you will be aware of the new change and consider what is best for your website. T.W. Ellis is a client who had a website redesign shortly before approaching us to […]

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What Will Your Customers Remember Most?

There is a currently popular notion—touted by many marketing companies—that “print is dead.” These companies will often advise you to jump ship and only use electronic media for getting your message across to your clients. Obviously, they aren’t taking into consideration the possibility that people may remember better what they read in print about your […]

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