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Why You Should Start a Remodeling Podcast

At RT Marketing, we’re big believers in content. It allows you to showcase your remodeling expertise and address your potential clients’ needs. Content marketing helps you to build relationships with your clients and develop your brand, not just focus on the hard sell. Along with blogs and social media, podcasts are one of the best […]

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Capitalizing on the Second-Home Boom

One significant effect of this year’s coronavirus pandemic has been a booming market in vacation homes. While many households are struggling financially, there are also many that are taking the opportunity to find second homes away from larger metro areas. For remodelers in more remote or popular vacation areas, this represents a great opportunity. Demand […]

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Marketing focus in a post-shutdown world

In most parts of the country, we’re slowly emerging from stay-at-home orders and business shutdowns. But it’s hardly “back to normal” or “business as usual.” The way we interact, shop and travel has changed. So it only makes sense that marketing needs to change, too – both the methods and the message. From a tactic […]

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How to Increase Quality Leads as a Home Remodeler

If you’re a contractor, home builder, or remodeler and you are not getting the leads you want, the solutions may surprise you. The service you provide is specialized and requires a high level of trust from your potential clients.

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How Vital Are Online Reviews to Small Businesses?

Reviews from verified clients hold more value than an anonymous star rating. Most discerning consumers can spot excessive one-star ratings with no commentary, owners or employees trying to inflate ratings with excessive five-star reviews (a tactic sure to break any chance of trust with potential clients), or vindictive comments from non-customers, but that does not guarantee those types of reviews will not influence their purchasing decision.

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Print is Not Only Still Viable, but a Marketing Powerhouse

Here at RT Marketing, Inc., we offer many services, and our print newsletter is a service that makes us proud. Yet in today’s tech-driven world of smartphones and apps, some people are skeptical about using it as a part of their marketing strategy. We understand the caution around investing in print to promote your services; […]

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