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5 Ways to Get Customers’ Attention

Between social media, blogs, YouTube, podcasts, Google search, and other forms of digital marketing, it’s never been easier for builders and remodelers to get their messages out to potential customers. Yet at the same time, it’s never been more difficult to reach people. That’s because with the ubiquitous nature of social media and the internet, […]

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2021 Housing Market: Why you should market when business is booming

Despite an initial slowdown last spring when COVID pandemic hit the United States, 2020 ended up being a good year for the remodeling industry. According to NAHB estimates, remodeling activity was up about 6 percent last year. The association is projecting 4 percent growth this year, while the new U.S. Remodeling Index from Qualified Remodeler […]

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Overcoming video marketing objections

We all know that video can be a powerful marketing tool, but it can also seem overwhelming. Many small businesses are reluctant to tackle video marketing because they are worried about the expense, the time commitment or the learning curve for the technology. But effective video marketing is a lot easier than it was just […]

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Social Media Demographics

When crafting a social media strategy, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out where to spend your time and effort. The answer is going to be different for every remodeler depending on who your target client is. Once you’ve identified that target client, you can use the data out there to figure out where […]

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Staging Your Finished Project for After Photos: Part 2

Realtors encourage their sellers to stage homes before photographing or showing them. The same principles apply to you. Even though you may not be selling that particular home (unless you are a home builder), you’re selling your ability to replicate a similar feeling from a prospective client’s space. A picture of a beautifully staged home can evoke powerful emotions in the viewer.

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Third-party Recognition: Reputation Management, Part 2

Consider the affiliations, certifications, and awards you’ve earned when you’re looking for ways to make your company stand out among the crowd. Professional affiliations also help you network with other remodelers and home builders in the industry.

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