Illustration of a large group of customers

How Contractors Can Generate Leads Online

For most home building and remodeling contractors, generating leads is the number-one goal of their online marketing. While building a brand is important, contractors survive on potential customers contacting them to quote on a project or learn about their capabilities. If you’re a contractor, you should know that your most powerful tool for generating leads […]

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Focus Your Email Marketing on One of These 3 Strategies

People have been using email for around 30 years. In technology years, that’s ancient. So you would think that email marketing is long dead, replaced by social media or other forms of reaching customers. But you would be wrong. In their 2021 benchmark report, “The State of Email Marketing,” Validity found that email marketing is […]

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Contractor showing knowledge by displaying a home illustration from drawing to complete

5 Benefits of Knowledge-Sharing with Customers

As a building and remodeling contractor, you are an expert in your field. You know everything there is to know about home construction, design, permitting, trends, and more. So why not share that knowledge with your customers? Knowledge sharing with your customers (and especially your future customers) is one of the most effective ways you […]

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Carvana car being delivered with fanfair

Put on a Show – What builders and remodelers can learn from Carvana

In the last few years, a lot of new companies have emerged to disrupt the status quo in their industries. One of those companies is car retailer Carvana, and they set an interesting example for builders and remodelers. In case you’re not familiar, Carvana is an online care dealership. Using their services, buyers shop for […]

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Amazed couple

Relationship Marketing – Surprise & Delight

Small Gestures Can Make A Big Difference In any relationship, whether it’s between spouses, siblings, or friends, it’s the little things that make them special. Those small moments when someone does something nice tend to live on in memories longer than the grand gestures. It may sound funny, but it’s also true in the relationship […]

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5 Ways to Get Customers’ Attention

Between social media, blogs, YouTube, podcasts, Google search, and other forms of digital marketing, it’s never been easier for builders and remodelers to get their messages out to potential customers. Yet at the same time, it’s never been more difficult to reach people. That’s because with the ubiquitous nature of social media and the internet, […]

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