How does your business look different from others? Look at a cow

  • Heather Greene Powell
  • 23 Jun 2014

Once upon a time in the open ranges of Texas lived many cowboys. These cowboys were well known for their livestock–some even had a few prize winning cattle. One very hot day, all the local ranchers’ cows were thirsty and they went to get a drink at the nearby pond. This pond happened to connect several farms’ grazing areas. Soon after the different herds arrived, not a single cowboy could tell whose cow was whose. Let me tell you, these old western guys didn’t mess around when it came to a conflict of interest. As the arguments started to arise and men lined up for a show down, the ruthless Butch ‘The Bull’ Hancock had an idea. Bull Hancock spoke up, “There’s a way we can settle this here dispute without bloodshed.” The others weren’t very interested, but no one wanted to cross the stone cold Bull Hancock, so they listened. “We will take the same number of cattle back to our farms and mark them to tell the difference next time this happens.” Some one called out, “How are we going to make a permanent mark on the cows?” Hancock replied, “They’ve got a tough hide; let’s use a hot iron to brand our own symbol on them. We’ll need to get together to make sure our symbols aren’t the same, but this should work.”

200+ years later
The idea of cattle branding dates back much further than the 1800s, but the US branding method was adopted around that time as the Mexican cattle industry moved north into Texas. This practice is still used today, as well as other evolving identification methods. From this idea of cow ownership identity comes company branding, which basically has the same concept in mind: setting apart and marking your product, or service, to differentiate it from the rest.

Can your clients tell what work is yours and what is someone else’s? We recognize brands in the grocery store and relate to them through quality, cost, or feelings. Is your logo weak, or is it being read as superior compared to others? Is your name standing out for your target market to see and be enticed?

One of the services that RT Marketing inc. provides to our customers is company brand design. We strive to make your company look its very best and truly reflect what sets you apart in the industry. This process may begin with updating your logo or developing a new one. More importantly, it requires establishing a powerful, consistent message throughout your marketing effort, from printed materials to web presence, and social outlets.

Does your company need some brand consistency, a facelift, or redesign? Contact us and see how we can help strongly brand your business to attract the clients you desire.